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Cancellation fee:

All services paid for must be completed within a period of 6 months from the original payment date. A renewal fee of $50.00 will be charged for any renewal of service. No refunds will be given after a full payment of service has been received. Cancellation of services should be made within 48 hours notice. A cancellation fee of $50.00 will be imposed there after. Once payment has been processed, the buyer is responsible for payment.

Lesson Termination:

Safety for both student and instructor is paramount.  The instructor may terminate a lesson if safety of persons and/or property is threatened.  This includes, but is not limited to, consistent failure of the student driver to comply with direction given by the instructor.  In this event, the instructor, at their discretion, may terminate the lesson and the lesson fee may be deemed expended.  The student may be rescheduled, or further service may be terminated as determined by the school management. Student doing online course have 180 days to complete and 3 days to obtain their full refund back upon purchase.