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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of practical questions and concern students usually have. Experts have answer several questions for you.

How do I obtain my California driving permit?

To obtain provisional instruction permit: A minor must be at least 15 1/2, but under 18 years of age, and completed a Department Motor Vehicle (DMV) approved driver education course. Upon successfully completing your online or physical course you will be obtaining a DL 400 certificate. Adults over 18 year of age and older do not need a certification. We recommend that you wait until you have your certificate in hand before making a DMV appointment for the written test to avoid rescheduling. DMV Test are not administer after 4:30 PM to make an appointment by phone call 1(800)777-0133 or book online select DMV local office near your.

The following will help prepare you for the Department Motor Vehicle (DMV) test. Require documents you must take:

  • Read the California Driver Handbook.You may obtain a copy online (click here), at your local DMV office or driving school you are attending. They are completely free.
  • DMV Practice test online, download the app on your phone or last page of the handbook also you can refer to material the school provided you with.
  • Documents require for the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and Complete application. The moment you arrive.
    • Certificate of completion of driver education DL 440: Parent or guardian must sign pink or blue slip.
    • Original birth certificate or legal presence documents.
    • Social Security Card.
    • Two proof of residency example: School transcript.
    • Fill our DMV DL 44 form application. Screenshot your confirmation number you will need it.
    • Pay application fee $41.00.
  • Vision test. You will need your glasses or contact lenses to pass.
  • DMV utilizes automated TouchScreen Terminal (TST) knowledge test or you have the option of taking the DMV exam online.
  • Have your photograph taken. Make sure you look good as the picture stays with you for the next 5 years.
  • Permit must be at all times with you when you drive.

Once you have passed your written exam, you will be issued a provisional permit. A parent or guardian adult 25 years of age or older, who has a valid California driver license, must be with you sitting next to you. If you did not pass the California driving permit on your first try you will be able to take the test a week later. (7days)

How many lessons will I need to learn to drive?

Once you have passed your written exam the next step will be taking behind the wheel. Every student is in with varying levels of experience ranging from none at all, to years of worth. On average, people attain completion after ranging of hours 12 to 18. BloomTech Driving School will provide you with excellent service, and design a course to your strength in order for you to learn the proper techniques to be a good driver. YouTube is a good video access to assist you in gaining a better understanding of  the path to improving your driving skills.

How do I obtain a replacement certificate if I lose the original?

The process of providing you with a replacement certificate involves reporting the original certificate number to the Department Motor Vehicle (DMV) as invalid and issuing you a new numbered certificate. Their is a small sub-charge administrative fees $15.00 for this service and that includes shipping. You will need to order a replacement certificate should you supply an incorrect name, birthday, or shipping address that causes a rejection by the corresponding Department Motor Vehicle (DMV) office.

Please contact us to help you:

  • Email: bloomtechdrivingschool@gmail.com
  • Call: (323)840-3043 or Text: (323)482-8521

Am I able to drive alone with only a permit?

No! You are not able to drive at any given circumstance alone with only a permit. If you are eighteen years of age with a valid permit you may have an adult over eighteen years of age or older with a valid driver license. If you are fifteen with a valid permit the adult must be twenty-five years of age with a valid driver license.

Is it a requirement to have insurance?

Yes, All vehicles must comply with the state of California law with having insurance. You and all vehicles must have some type of coverage in order to drive. If you have multiple drivers/vehicles on your insurance plan, be sure to inquire about multi-car discounts. Money savings can be found when combining into a single policy vs doing individually. Raise your collision and comprehensive coverage deductibles so you may receive any applicable discounts. If you are teaching your teen remind them of good habits, safe driving practices and avoid distracting behaviors.Get professional help from the driving school were they give teens instruction to be safe and earn additional cost savings towards your premium. Always encourage them to have good grades, so you can get a discount.

  • Students receive discounts for having good grades.
  • Student completing the drivers ed course will receive a discount.

Do you need permit to learn to drive with a driving school?

No, you do not need a permit. Authorized driving schools can provide you with a temporarily student license for behind the wheel instructions. The driving school should provide you with a student license (OL 800) as well have as a vision screen test. This allows us and our professional instructors to provide you with a driver education training, There is a small sub charge fee for using these services.